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Akshara Bura, Kurukshetra

I am actually very happy and thankful to you. So I would like to share my experience of how I get injured and how everything happened. 

So basically on 28 March 2012 My left foot big toe started paining out of sudden. I thought. it was normal as I play tennis for 5 years and these type of pain is normal. As normal, I did my routine as it was my tournament that day, so my foot being okay was necessary. Me and my mom went to tournament in Chandigarh. But my pain Started to increase and I was not even able to play the whole match and that’s how it all started. We went to every top doctor in Delhi, but all my x-my and MRI reports were normal. The doctor even injected a dose of steroid, my pain completely vanished for 2 months. 

But then I again started playing and my pain again came. 14-15 months passed by like this. I was actually very sad because my game (Tennis) was lacking behind. As my mom used to watch many video related to my foot she come across Dhakaram Guruji YouTube channel and as we are from Kurukshetra, it was quite hard for us to come to Jaipur. 

I joined YogaPeace on 22 July 2023. My experience in Yoga peace was brilliant. The atmosphere here is very good. The teachers here are also very supportive. I am again very thankful to Gurujl and team as my foot is utmost fine in only 5 days.

A big thanks to YogaPeace 

Thank You Guruji