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Slipped Disc and Sciatica – Apeksha Kutheda, Jaipur

After suffering from a back pain for over 4 months, I visited several doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractic etc, but there was no relief. All of them has suggested me for the surgery. At that time I felt mentally and physically weak. Then yoga was the last option in my mind before going for the surgery. Then “YogaPeace Sansthan” came in my mind as earlier also I have join the same for my diabetic illness.

60 minutes of silence, relaxation and traction helps body to get relief, stress free and heal the mind and soul.

I highly recommended “YogaPeace Sansthan” for anyone who is stressed and exhausted with severe back pain, joint pain or any other illness. Therapy yoga provide unique attention to each and every person according to their ailment and health issues.

The road of recovery has been a long one. But I credit Guruji and Yogi Anil and in-fact entire staff of “YogaPeace Sansthan” as one of the reason for getting my health back.

Now I am completely fit.

Thank you
Apeksha Khunteta