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Why Sirsasana Yoga or The Yogic Head Stand is amazingly effective!

योगाचार्य ढाकाराम

Know why Sirsasana Yoga or The Yogic Head Stand is amazingly effective!

Keeping healthy is of prime importance in this world today. People are busier than before with their lives and professions. To succeed in these aspects of life it is extremely important that you maintain your health. Without a healthy mind and body, you will never be able to succeed in these fields. A healthy body also helps in keeping one more confident about himself or herself. It gives you the boost required to emerge triumphant and achieve your goals.

Exercise and eating right is the easiest way to stay healthy and in shape. It is very important that one knows what to eat so that they can stay fit. Exercising is also a must. Be it gym or yoga, it is most important that you exercise so that the body metabolism is maintained.

Keeping fit has become such a major issue these days, that we are appropriately celebrating World International Yoga days so that people all around the world are aware of the importance of yoga and exercise.

Advantages of Yoga are many. Here we list a few.

  • All-round fitness:A person is said to be truly healthy when he or she is not just physically fit but also has balance mentally and emotionally.
  • Weight loss:Popular yoga exercises like Sun Salutations and KapalBhatipranayama  help to lose weight. Also with regular practice, the body becomes more sensitive to the kind of food our body asks for and also the time of eating gets fixed. This in turn helps in keeping a check on one’s weight. 
  • Greater flexibility & posture: Include yoga in your daily routine  and reap the benefits of a body which is strong, flexible and supple.
  • Improved immunity:The different yoga poses massage organs and help in strengthening muscles and improves breathing techniques. Also meditation releases stress and maintains immunity.
  • Stress relief:Yoga postures, meditation and pranayama are extremely effective ways to  de-stress the mind and feel relaxed.
  • Stronger relationships:Yoga and meditation work on keeping the mind peaceful. With Yoga, you are benefitted from the strengthened special bond you share with people close to you.

Next we look into one of the most important yoga asanas which is very effective for the body. This asana is called the Sirsasna or the famous Yogic Head stand. It has numerous benefits and including this in your yoga routine is essential to get the best benefits of yoga.

  1. Essential for a healthy brain: Brain is the controlling centre and the most important part of the body as it helps in proper functioning of the physical and mental aspects of the body efficiently. The headstand yoga pose or the Sirsasana allows manifestation of the brain in an enhanced way. It can rejuvenate the entire brain and thus improve its functioning. Sirsasna ensures an enriched oxygenated blood supply to the brain cells- the effects of which reach billions of cells in the body.
  2. Prevents Headache & Migraine: Sirsasana helps in strengthening and relaxing certain blood vessels in the brain and hence prevents the occurrence of Headache & Migraine.  But it is important to know that this asana should not be done when a person is suffering from either of these ailments. Sirsasana injects mental calmness thus reducing occurrence of ailments related to mental tension.
  3. Cure for Diabetes :Thesirsasana is known to show positive results for those people suffering from diabetes. The malfunctioning of the pituitary gland leads to the problem of diabetes and this yoga asana sees to it that the illness is cured. More supply of oxygenated blood helps in curing the disease. This asana is seen to be more effective than modern medicinal diseases.
  4. Treat sexual disorders: Sirsasana has also been effecting in fighting sexual disorders such as prostrate problems, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea,hydrocele and many menstrual and menopausal ailments. This yoga pose directs blood from the associated sexual endocrine glands and organs, which helps in improving the functional effectivity of the affected glands and organs.
  5. Cures thyroid problems: The yogic head stand directly acts on the thyroid gland, balancing the various metabolic functions of the body. This yoga pose helps in bringing nourishment to this vital organ.
  6. Control pituitary functions: Since sirsasana increases effective blood flow to the different parts of the body, it helps in rectifying nervous and glandular disorders by reaching out to the nervous system and the endocrine system.
  7. Enhances Skin complexion and treats skin problems: Sirsasana helps in increasing blood flow to the facial skin too. The oxygenated blood thus helps in getting a fair complexion and more importantly removes pimples and acnes. t is very effective in treating skin problems.
  8. Relieves Anxiety : Anxiety is a primary factor which causes sexual disorders and other health related problems. Sirsasana itself and also with other meditative asanas of Yoga helps in keeping the mind peaceful,calm and also increases concentration. 
  9. Enhances vision of the eye:  The asana triggers the brain effectively bringing more cautiousness to the sense organs. It is seen to improve the overall functions of eyesight, taste and sense of smell. Regular practice of this yoga pose has helped in treating various types of problems like astigmatism, myopia and cataract and general bad hearing.
  10. Prevents hair fall: Hair loss is a common problem faced by many due to various reasons. also greying of hair is a concern for many. As a solution to all these problems, the Sirsasana is a great blessing. It manages to cure these problems if you practice the asana regularly. 
  11. Eliminates lethargy: The vitality and growth of our body largely depends on two glands- the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. As blood supply to these glands increase, their functioning becomes better and the body doesn’t tire easily.
  12. Improved RBC count: If you practice sirsasana regularly, you will find that there has been a significant improvement in the haemoglobin content of your blood.
  13. Memory power: Mental functions such as intelligence, memory power are improved as more blood reaches intricate quarters of the brain and nourishes it. Thinking power increases and also the power to think is enhanced.
  14. Resists cold &cough: Through this asana the lungs gets the capability to resist different climate conditions and relives the body of diseases like coughs, tonsilitis and the common cold.

Thus, it is clear what a simple asana can do. All it requires is regular practice. The perfect posture of the asana will not happen at one go but as you keep practicing, you become more flexible and the posture becomes perfect. Through this process, you become more healthy, fit and fine.

Yog Guru Dhakaram

Yogacharya Dhakaram
Yogacharya Dhakaram, a beacon of yogic wisdom and well-being, invites you to explore the transformative power of yoga, nurturing body, mind, and spirit. His compassionate approach and holistic teachings guide you on a journey towards health and inner peace.