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What is Hastapadasana?

What is Hastapadasana?

With our daily schedules running out of hand there is an utter need to find balance within us. The misbalance between our physical, emotional, and mental activities cause us to go through a lot of problems. And the way the world is progressing and people are becoming sick and ill of unknown ailments and diseases it becomes an important part of our life to look after ourselves and take care of our body and soul correctly. Yoga is the answer to balancing our chaotic lives, even when we’re running late for work.As far as doctors are concerned they have been coming up with natural treatments too and are guiding people to adopt a yogic lifestyle.

To guide you through the yoga exercises there are a lot of poses to learn. One such important pose is the Hastapadasana or the Forward Bend Pose.

What is Hastapadasana or ‘The Forward Bend Pose’?

“Hasta”: Hand, “Pada”: Foot, “Asana”: Pose; Hence the name Hastapadasana or the Forward Bend Pose. It is one of the twelve basic Yoga poses and is highly recommended to all the people who practice yoga to do it daily. It helps cure a lot of health problems, gives you flexibility and strength and also brings your concentration level. 

What are the benefits of Hastapadasana or the Forward Bend Pose?

The benefits of doing Yoga is numerous but with different poses focusing on different aspects of your body it becomes necessary to know about its possible effects and which areas they work on. With a little knowledge into the working of poses, one can customize their workout according to their body type and healing they need. Here are some of the benefits of Hastapadasana.

  • Gives body a nice shape
  • Helps in stretching the body muscles
  • Makes you hands, legs and chest stronger
  • Makes your blood circulate through streams and brings glow
  • Fights belly diseases
  • Burns those extra fat around your belly
  • Stimulates the blood circulation in hands and feet
  • Prevents from loss of hair
  • Makes the backbone flexible
  • Helps you balance your body
  • Makes you handle your own body weight

What you should know before doing the pose or Asana?

Yoga is an art that purifies the mind and soul and also works on making you fitter. It is no magic trick that will make changes in a day or two. Yoga requires constant dedication and concentration to achieve results. Yoga is a lifestyle you need to adopt where you choose a healthy life which is accompanied by healthy eating and living habits. Hastapadasana will make you stretch your body muscles and if you have never done this kind of pose, it may as well make you feel tired or breathe heavily. It is advised to complete the asana with concentration and calmness.

Who should do Hastapadasana or Forward Bend Pose?

Hastapadasana is recommended for all the yoga practicing people. It is one of the basic twelve yoga poses so no matter if you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, this pose is for you. People who are over-weight, suffer from constipation, diarrhea, acidity, gastric problems, or have menstrual problems are recommended to practice hastapadasana. 

How to do the Hastapadasana or The Forward Bend Pose?

Hastapadasana is a standing pose and is best done when you are out in open. Follow the steps!

  1. Stand straight with your both legs touching each other.
  2. Take a deep breath and raise your hands overhead while inhaling.
  3. Now slowly start exhaling and bending your body forward so that your back stretches and your head descends forward.
  4. Hold your ankle with your hand and do not bend your knees.
  5. Hold on to this position for as long as you can
  6. Slowly start inhaling again and lifting back your body to the straight position
  7. Keep your hands down.

Do the repetitions and do it slowly.

How you should breathe while doing the Hastapadasana?

Breathing should be calm and content. You should take deep breaths and while performing the asana or the pose, you should inhale or exhale very slowly. The inhaling and exhaling gives strength to lungs and makes you calmer. At your holding position, you should hold your breaths too for a better result.


Yoga needs care, concentration and calmness. It needs to be followed with dedication to achieve results. Hastapadasana is not advised for people suffering from:

  1. Cardiac problems
  2. Spinal problems
  3. Hernia
  4. Vertigo
  5. Hypertension
  6. Serious back pain
  7. Breathing problems

There are some basic precautions you should take and they are:

  1. Wear proper clothes that let you breathe and allow you to stretch and practice poses.
  2. Do it on ground, park or on a yoga mat
  3. Do not over do the poses
  4. Learn yoga before practicing
  5. Schedule your yoga time